We bring to our work

A proud heritage of accomplishment, consistency, integrity, work excellence, and commitments towards our customers’ needs.
A willingness to appropriately adapt ourselves to change while maintaining our fundamental values, principles and consistency of purpose.


We will continue to adhere to the highest standards of Ethics and Integrity

Clearly and continuously understand, being totally responsive to strive, fulfill and exceed our customer’s expectations; through our outstanding performance delivering exceptional values, helping them to maximise their performance.

Respecting safety precautions and measurements, with consistency of work and responsibility towards environmental control regulations.
Continuous improvement, which is an integral part of our operations.
Attract, develop, motivate and retain highly competent, committed and creative calibers and colleagues whom are considered the best in their field and specialty.  Promote our calibers as quickly as it is appropriate.

Create suitable work environment, supported by leadership that fosters openness, trust, communication, teamwork, empowerment, innovation and satisfaction.
Respond to our rapidly changing world with entrepreneurial approaches, innovative solutions, advanced technology and high quality timely decision making.
  Remain privately owned, financially prudent, and global, with ownership held by active senior management.
Reward those contributing to our success.


MK Management Group is a respectful company for sustainable development.

The mission of the MK Management Group, as an economic operator, is to respect the countries in which it operates, while respecting people and the environment.

The job of operator is thus every day to achieve industrial and financial objectives, to ensure the health, safety and security of people and goods, to preserve the environment, to contribute at its humble level to the development of countries that host its activities. As such, governance must be exemplary, in accordance with the conventions that bind it to its host countries for the good of all local populations.
This commitment is a key pillar of the Group's corporate culture and one of the key levers for its future and sustainable development.