Boris Jankovski

Boris JANKOVSKI holds an MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, with an additional specialization in Production Management University of Belgrade, Serbia (Yugoslavia) 1966-1972.
Since 1991 Boris JANKOVSKI is General manager and owner of VEDA Skopje. As founder and owner of the company VEDA from Skopje in charge of leading the complete managerial and research and development processes in the company. The company’s key area of expertise is design and production of equipment in the field of chemical and mechanical engineering based on original production solutions for:

• Development of a system and equipment for production of aerosol fire extinguishing system.
• Development of a system and equipment for production of thermoplastic composite rocket propellants.
• Development of a new system for production of biodiesel fuels from tobacco seed, realization of system for production of electrical energy through generator running with turbo engine and subsystem for cogeneration of the sufficient energy.

• November 2009, Nurnberg, Germany, IENA 2009, International Trade Fair “ “IDEAS-INVENTIONS-NEWE PRODUCTS”, Silver medal for “Gas generating charge of the appliances for aerosol extinguishing of fires and technology for their production”.
• November 2009, Nurnberg – Germany, IENA 2009, CERTIFICATE on IENA 2009 Exhibition of innovation from Turkish Patent Institute for “Gas generating charge of the appliances for aerosol extinguishing of fires and technology for their production”.
• June 2007 Belgrade, Serbia – Exhibition  “Pronalazastvo – Beograd 2007” gold medal “Nikola Tesla” in the field of innovation for the Aerosol fire extinguishing system
• June 2007, Belgrade Serbia – silver medal on the exhibition “Pronalazastvo- Beograd 2007” in the field of new technologies for the biodiesel processor • December 2006, London, GB  - INTERNATIONAL QUALITY CROWN AWARD, Diamond categories
• October 2006, Skopje, Macedonia - EKONOVA - Golden medal for Biodiesel processor
• October 2006, Skopje, Macedonia - MAKINOVA - Grand PRIX for aerosol fire extinguishing system
• March 2004, Frankfurt, Germany - ARCH OF EUROPE FOR QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY – Platinum category
• October 2003, Geneva , Swiss - INTERNATIONAL GOLD STAR FOR QUALITY VEDA Skopje is in close collaboration with its partner MK Management Group.

Department of High Technology

With our partner VEDA of Macedonia, we are the leader of new anticipatory technologies for the extinction of all the game of fires. This patented industrial process immediately stops all domestic and industrial fire starts.


VEDA: Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Technology

VEDA : Fire Extinguisher Brouchere

Fire in 10 steps in buss in Germany, from small fire in engine to full burning of buss for 16 minutes

Presentation of HELSY – 1000 Helicopter System: Application of innovative technology of wildfire extinguishing with high flow spray

Applications & Advantages

The aerosol fire extinguishing system which is equipped with system for indication and self-activation will protect all spots where fire could potentially be developed. This approach is the base for early detection, and efficient prevention from fire spreading.

Application & Advantages (Marine and offshore)