We are in the first phase of negotiations for a project of a luxury Marina in Egypt. Hâpy Marina to echo the Divinity of the Nile is a project of 10 billion Euros. There will be 3250 rooms in 5 palaces of 5 stars, 30 royal palaces, 1220 large villas, 10420 apartments. A port capable of accommodating 150 yachts over 50 meters in size will be built on the sea. A shopping center with 1000 shops, a hospital with 352 beds, a museum dedicated to Hâpy, a fire station, a security complex, a reverse osmosis desalination plant, a wastewater treatment plant, a wind turbine station and a solar farm will complete this ambitious project aimed at participating in the revival of tourism in Egypt. This whole project will be part of the elegance and the very high sustainable technology.